Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Daily Trek -- August 5, 2008

What'd I miss?

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Robert Novak has announced that he will retire effective immediately due to the recent discovery of a brain tumor.  His prognosis has been described as grim.  Novak had the longest running political column in US history.

Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car accident Sunday night in north Mississippi.  He has been hospitalized.

"But ... a question. Why in the world isn't anyone connecting the increase in the jobless rate last month to the increase in the minimum wage? At the beginning of the last month the minimum wage went up by 70 cents. When employers are forced to pay people more than they are worth .. they get kicked to the curb."  Neal Boortz

Protesters have signed an agreement with the City of Denver preventing them from carrying poo and some other items that it was earlier reported they planned on using to protest the Democrats at their convention.

"The number of pilots killed constitutes approximately 1.4 percent of all the pilots who ever flew the F-102. In other words, George Bush. It is fair to ask liberals, 'Precisely what risk was Bush avoiding by flying the F-102?'"  This was reported in 2004 but as is often the case it conflicted with the inaccurate conventional wisdom so it was never picked up. 

Studies of old British naval logs dating back to the 1600's have proven very useful in studying climate history and change including temperature and pressure readings, "our data shows climate science is complex. It is wrong to take particular events and link them to carbon dioxide emissions. These records will give us a much clearer picture of what is really happening"

Obama seems to be getting donations from men from Gaza in violation of the law.

The Brits made a secret deal with Iraqi militias to stay out of Basra and that may have prevented their responding when Maliki started his successful offensive says the Times of London.

MoveOn plans to ‘push back hard’ against House GOP

Eco-wacko's are at it again, this time firebombing researchers homes.

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