Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Democrats Willing To Force A Recession For Political Gain -- Hope For Bigger Majorities So They Can Vote For Energy Driven Depression!

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are holding Americans hostage on energy prices all so they can run out the clock in the hopes that they will have a larger majority next year that will allow them to pass an energy plan that will be, "heavy on conservation and alternative fuels."

Here is what that means for each and every voter:

You are currently being forced to pay higher gas prices all for the hopes of political gain by the Democrats!

Even worse then the prices is the fact that any plan with conservation as it's centerpiece requires, by it's very definition, that there be restraint or forced suppression and since energy drives the economy that is what will be suppressed!  That is a recipe for a forced depression!

So, if Pelosi gets her wish for more power then next January you can look forward a huge lack of control over your own life -- less choices in cars, homes, heating, air conditioning, food, medicine, employment and every other aspect of your life that is impacted by energy.

That power Pelosi wants will come directly from each and every voter in America!  As government becomes more powerful the citizens become less powerful!

Shortages, rationing, and long lines are all historically part of systems that are centrally planned by governments --  and fool hardy politicians that strive for power on the backs of Americans are nothing but slime.

Nancy, Harry, and Barack need a good lesson in arrogance and playing Americans for fools!

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