Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Harry Reid Under Pressure As Well -- And I don't Mean His Tires!

Des Moines, IA – American Future Fund (AFF) today launched its latest radio ad, “Bargain,” which calls on Harry Reid to end his vacation and instead focus on the needs of Americans by scheduling a vote on S. 3202 to address high gas prices.
Reid adjourned the Senate last week, sending all 100 members on a five-week vacation, without holding a vote on this important piece of legislation.
The ad can be heard here:
“Weeks ago, AFF was calling on the Senate to stay until the job was finished, forgo their August vacation, and put in place a cohesive domestic energy policy,” said AFF Communications Director Tim Albrecht. “Unfortunately, the desire Americans have for the Senate to have a vote on this issue has fallen on deaf ears as Sen. Reid thought his vacation was more important than lowering gas prices.”
The ad buy runs statewide for two weeks in Nevada.
“Senator Reid’s refusal to do any work on this issue is a disservice to his constituents, and to every hard-working American family that finds themselves burdened with high energy prices,” said Albrecht.
Michelle Malkin

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