Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Winnebago County Crafting Details For Countywide Concealed -- Considers Protecting Those Who Exercies The Right From Liberal Media Retribution!

A public database of who has a concealed carry permit might be out, while bringing a firearm to a county caucus meeting could be in.

Those are a couple of the changes members of a Winnebago County subcommittee suggested Tuesday night as they draft a proposed county law that would allow Winnebago County residents to carry firearms.

“We’re talking about a concealed carry law,” said Winnebago County Board member John Sweeney, R-14, stressing the word “concealed.”

“I think making a list of everyone who has a permit with their name, age and address kind of defeats the purpose.”

Sweeney said that a list should be maintained and available to law enforcement authorities, but not the public at large.

“It would actually be a benefit to people who don’t have a permit because then people won’t know (who has a gun and who doesn’t),” he said. “If there’s a list, someone could just find out who doesn’t have one.”

Interestingly over the past couple of years there have been numerous newspapers in newly minted concealed carry states that have databased the list of concealed carry permit holders and published that list.  Colorado has banned the publication of the names and in Oregon the paper sued to get the list! (Link, just start at the top and work your way down this Google search.)

All in the name of public records! 

What they end up doing is endangering not only average citizens but they publish the names and addresses of victims of abuse who have gotten a permit and a weapon to protect their families from a known threat! 

But they didn't think about that, did they?  They just wanted to make sure everyone knew where the wackos lived!  After all, wackos are the only ones who would get a permit in their eyes!  Abused spouses can be tossed under that anti gun bus if it means eliminating those evil guns!

I am proud of our County Board and the stand they are making!  Keep it up, it is likely to get ugly as the date of the vote approaches.

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