Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bottom Line -- Iran And Negotiations

Barack Obama keeps comparing negotiating with Iran to negotiating with the Soviet Union but this is absolutely NOT an accurate comparison.

During the majority of the Cold War our goal was not regime change, at least until Reagan came along and said that it ends, "we win, they loose!" However that is our policy toward Iran.

Iran committed an act of war against the United States when they overran our embassy and held Americans hostage for 444 days (thank you Jimmy Carter). Iran has been a belligerent in the region and in the world ever since.

Our policy toward Iran for years was known as Dual Containment. It was an attempt to keep their influence and revolutionary ideas inside Iran. Iran has long been considered a rogue nation by the U.S. but not by many in Europe, that was until 2005 when it was discovered that Iran had lied to the UN and the world for nearly 2 decades about their nuclear program. At that point many in the world realized we were correct and that something had to be done.

The solution was to isolate Iran until they cooperated. This isolation is an attempt to have the population or some reasonable elements of the government say to themselves, "we have become the pariah's of the world, the whole world is against us, while nuclear power sound good, this Ahmadinejad is making life harder with no end in sight and for no good reason, we are isolated."

Barack Obama would end that all in one meeting!

In one meeting Obama would bolster Ahmadinejad at home. He would be able to tell his people that his plan was working and they were no longer isolated.

In one meeting Obama would undermine the work the United Nations has done, together as one, (you know, that diplomacy thing the left is always screaming about) to pressure the Iranian government.

In one meeting Obama would reinforce Iranian belief that killing U.S. servicemen in Iraq was an effective tool.

In one meeting Obama would tell every nation in the world that we would not stand up to anything they wanted to do -- we didn't have the will to oppose anyone for very long.

In one meeting Obama would let the world know that blackmail was the way to get direct Presidential attention.

In one meeting Obama would tell every one of our allies that have backed us up on Iran that they were fools and they should never make that mistake again.

In one meeting Obama could do more harm to U.S. Foreign Policy then anyone since Jimmy Carter.

If Obama honestly believes regime change or getting Iran to cooperate with World demands and their treaty obligations by halting their nuclear ambitions then he needs tell us that because that is exactly what would happen.

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