Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daily Trek -- May 21, 2008

Just a short trek for today of the items I didn't have time to get to.

A major FARC terror leader surrendered claiming that FARC had lost and hoped others would surrender too! (Hot Air)

According to Dow Jones, Iraq’s crude oil exports are significantly higher in 2008 than they were at this point in 2007; oil exports have risen 22%. An average of 1.92 million bpd have been exported from Iraq this year, with the bulk (approximately 1.5 million bpd) coming from southern Iraq. (Next Big Future)

The Democratic Congress solved the oil crisis! Not by drilling, technology, or even conserving!
House Democrats passed legislation authorizing the Attorney General to sue OPEC to bring down gas prices. (Gateway Pundit)

Chicago Ald. Richard Mell forgot to re-register his guns (which reportedly include a Walther PPK like this one). No problem -- he'll just write a new law. Wow, Chicago politics -- hey wait, isn't Barack from Chicago? (Chicago Sun Times Blog)

How PC will the Democrat's Convention be?
A caterer who is trying to meet the eco-requirements says,"I think it's a great idea for our community and our environment. The question is, how practical is it?" (Denver Post)

George Takei, the original Sulu from "Star Trek," announced over the weekend that he and his longtime partner Brad Altman will tie the knot this summer. (Fox News)

The China earthquake
has left 5 million homeless and there are 70,000 either dead or still missing.


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