Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clinton Wins Kentucky BIG

Hillary Clinton won Kentucky, with 100% reporting, 65% to 30%.

This is now a battle for the ideological soul of the Democrat party. The elite and the nutroots, which includes Howard Dean, are completely behind Obama. The more moderate, I would say political realist part of the party is behind Hillary.

There has been an accelerating increase in the power of the nutroots over the past 8 years that is culminating in this primary. They lost most elections up until the primary in Connecticut when they defeated Joe Lieberman. He then proceeded to trounce them running as an independent.

Now they want, as they said in 2006, their party that they have paid for.

Is this a winning strategy? Hillary doesn't think so and she wants to let them know that they are not as powerful as they think, and that they can't win with Obama.

The elites choose Obama and the regular voters didn't.

As Hillary said earlier today, Obama started strong then lost strength. She keeps getting stronger.

As an aside, one of the Democrat talking heads was asked by Sean Hannity about the polls indicating Reverend Wright had a negative impact on Kentucky voters and her reply was, "I don't think race matters to...."

Is anyone else disturbed that the Democrats default position is that Wright is a racial issue? He isn't with me, he is an American hating fool -- black or white!

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