Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Note To Popular Mechanics

You are the last hard copy magazine I subscribe to, but recently your magazine is filling up with crap (multiple fold outs, thick advertising) and it is beginning to look more like the Better Homes and Gardens my sisters gets.

While these heavier pages are fine on occasion, when it is more then one or two in a month, as it is this month, it gets hard to turn the pages while doing anything like using the treadmill, working on the car, rolling over in bed, and goodness don't even try finding your page on the toilet! (Seriously, have you ever tried reading a Better Homes -- the pages don't even turn it just goes from insert to insert).

Can you please try to keep it to a minimum?

Anyone think Glen Reynolds (Instapundit), what with him being a Contributing Editor and all, can do anything about that?

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