Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats Punish The World!

British pensioners who cannot afford to heat their homes. European hauliers and fishermen whose livelihoods are under threat. Palestinians forced to fill up their cars with olive oil. Americans asked to go down to a four-day week.

All around the world, in a multitude of ways, the soaring price of oil is hurting rich and poor alike.

Congress are sitting on enough oil and coal to fuel America for decades and they are allowing the world to go cold and hungry by preventing its use! (A preview of An Obama Nation?)

Those resources would help feed and heat the world!

Why does Congress hate the world? Why do they want to starve the poor? Is the Polar Bear more important then a poor child?

Imagine the damage to our reputation when the world discovers how much oil the Democrats have hoarded for ourselves! It is irresponsible as citizens of the world to hoard these resources when we know it is there and could be used safely!
The Independent UK -- Shocked! How the oil crisis has hit the world!

It has already begun:
A new report out today on the worldwide food shortage castigates the west and especially the United States for their biofuels policies which the report says has exacerbated the crisis without much of a savings in crude oil:
American Thinker Blog -- Food Report Critical of Biofuels

Congress has made us look like selfish fools and has damaged our reputation in the long run far more then the Bush administration ever could!

Americans are already getting frustrated, not enough to get the tar and feathers yet, but enough for over 100,000 to sign a petition urging the Congress to allowing drilling here drill now!

For the record, I don't believe there is an oil crisis, but I do think it is extremely irresponsible to not use the known resources while realistic alternatives are developed to replace them.

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