Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama's Radical Worship

I have pretty much avoided dealing with the videos of Obama's Church, but then I saw this video of Father Michael Pfleger -- it's not the one about Hillary, it is the one about whites abusing people of color and having to pay for that abuse.

I have attended many different services at many different houses of worship and they have all left me with feelings of love and hope.

Not one left me with the feeling that I was oppressed, or that there were a group of people whose desire was to do me harm -- people I should resent, hate, and oppose. Yet that is what I have seen from both Pfleger and Reverend Wright.

Almost every service I have attended left me with a passionate desire to love God, myself, and my fellow man.

"America has been raping people of color and America has to pay the price!"

Hearing Pfleger give a sermon would leave me with a different type of passion. He is a powerful speaker and I have no doubt those in attendance had a desire to take action, I'm just not sure what that action would be when hate is the message.

Watching this clip reminded me of the undercover radical mosque special in the UK, or in a sense of the mosques that stir up riots and to a milder degree the Friday Tehran services you see on the news every now and then.

This is hatred. This is the type of message that causes resentment and hatred toward those who are different then you are. The listener is resolved of their actions because they are a victim, in Pfleger and Wright's mind it is white America. In Iran and radical Muslim's case it is Israel and America, the Jews and Christians!

The similarities are striking and I just can't imagine hearing that every week or every few weeks and not absorbing and believing some of it.

Obama has to explain why he attended for 20 years, why his wife believes America is mean and not worthy of pride, and what he took from the services if it is different then what his wife appears to have taken from this church.

Things just don't add up, there is a big piece of information still missing about Barack Obama.

Here are a couple of videos that show some of the radicals I am thinking of. Some of the messages are far more extreme then those of Trinity and some seem on par with Wright and Pfleger.

Glen Beck, Extreme Agenda Exposed:

Radical Islam: Terror in its own words:

Dispatches - Undercover Mosque


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