Thursday, May 1, 2008

Driving Is Serious Business

According to reporter Paul Chapman, Volvo wants to create a car that basically "forms a giant bumper" around its occupants to protect them if and when the need arises. A Volvo representative quoted on camera goes on to state that beyond the elimination of crash-related death and injury, Volvo would like to see the elimination of car accidents altogether.

I am always amazed at how lightly we take driving. It is crazy that states would even have to consider a law against texting while driving -- what kind of fool texts while they drive and why do I have to be on the road with someone that mentally deficient?

People, you are operating a 4000 pound piece of equipment at speed! Drive like you mean it -- drive like your flying a plane!

Each and every year more then 40,000 people die in auto crashes and we treat that as if it were just a fact of life. Yet when 4000 brave soldiers die tragically and heroically doing what they volunteered to do we hold grim milestone wall to wall press coverage.
Autoblog --Volvo wants to eliminate in-car injuries and death by 2020
Video at link.

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