Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweeny Report and Applesauce Do Their Part For The Cause

In an attempt to mitigate some of the damage the Reverend Wright has done to Barack Obama the RRStar Sweeny Report and Applesauce both pointed to the foolish statements of the Reverend Falwell and Pat Robertson following 9/11 in which they blamed the decadence of the US for the terrorist attacks, implying that the wrath of God was upon us.

While Falwell and Robertson's statements are reprehensible they simply do not compare to Wright's assertion that the attacks were retribution on the US for being global terrorists deserving of the attack.

This issue has to have been brought up in the fever swamps of the far left and it gets trucked out and repeated by every member of the Obama army -- I think I even heard it mentioned by Joy Behaer on The View (no, I don't watch, but it was on a clip on the news).

Keep in mind that Falwell and Robertson realized their error and apologized while the Reverend Wright restated his opinion this week and is completely unapologetic.

Check out both posts (Sweeney Report -- Applesauce) along with my replies -- neither Chuck nor Pat responded directly to my pointing out their flawed comparison and to the apologies of Falwell/Roberts. Pat tried to deflect the conversation, not once but twice -- it is now as unimportant as the flag pin issue.

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