Friday, June 6, 2008

Final Word On Coercive Interrogation

General Michael Hayden on Fox News Special Report.:
"A significant fraction of our knowledge of al Qaeda came from," the coercive interrogation techniques used in the early days following 9/11.
He also stated that those techniques were deemed legal by our government, including the informed leaders of both parties in congress but since then changes in the law and court rulings have restricted the use of these techniques.

That statement confirmed the comments of George Tenant and Michael Scheurer on O'Reilly.

While it is true that sometimes the prisoner will lie and provide false information that confuses amateurs in the movies, but today's effective, coordinated, trained, and experienced investigation team understands and uses that knowledge as part of a coordinated effort to ferret out the truth. I've heard that even the lies can confirm suspect information.

Can we put this canard to rest now or will we have to wait until Bush is no longer President and it is illegal to be a national defense conservative.

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