Friday, June 6, 2008

Gore's Top Advisor's NASA Numbers Don't Add Up -- Are The Facts Twisted To Fit A Very Costly Theory?

Investigate Hansen and NASA: Agency Is Doctoring Temperatures In an Effort to Vindicate Global Warming Theories

Let me explain -- no, there is no time. Let me sum up: NASA's temperature records are growing farther and farther away from everyone else's as NASA routinely-- and without offering any explanations why -- "adjusts" old temperature readings downward and new temperature readings upward, all in an effort to show rising temperatures where satellite readings show none.

Actually, it's worst than that; if a few continens or large landmasses like Africa or all of Canada aren't playing nice and in fact are getting colder, NASA ignores them altogether.

Must read. Long, but convincing.


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Video of NASA's, "adjustments," to the US temperature readings -- Note, the flat trend (which corresponds to some other readings) becomes a warming trend:

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