Thursday, June 5, 2008

Confirmed -- Obama Threw Israel Under The Bus In Less Then 24 Hours

Amazingly, it has taken less than 24 hours before Barack Obama started backtracking on one key part of his speech to AIPAC Wednesday -- the part that brought the crowd to its feet cheering - that Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel.

Obama came to AIPAC Wednesday. Did he conquer? Certainly some in the audience seemed willing to forget everything that had caused them concern about the presumptive Democratic nominee, once he gave a well-delivered speech that backtracked from many of his prior positions on Iraq, Iran , the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and missile defense, to name but a few.

Now the Obama campaign is saying, never mind, we did not really mean that. Jerusalem is a final status issue subject to negotiation between the parties. This severely damages his credibility. Can anyone really believe at this point that Obama stands by everything else he said in the talk?

Why anyone would believe Obama will stick to anything he said longer then a few months is beyond me.
American Thinker Blog -- Obama and AIPAC: A Delicate Dance

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