Thursday, June 5, 2008

Senate Democrats Break Their Promise -- Republicans Keep Theirs

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell used the element of surprise today to follow through on a promise he's made to fellow conservatives for quite some time. Either the Democrats were going to give President Bush's judicial nominees, especially ones for the Appellate Court level, the same treatment given to previous administrations, or things were going to start moving very slowly in the Senate. Harry Reid's most recent broken deal with McConnell was to confirm three of Bush's nominees by the Memorial Day recess. It didn't happen.

Today, just before 1PM in the East, Harry Reid took to the floor for the purpose of substituting a 491-page amendment by Barbara Boxer on the Climate Change bill currently being discussed. The clerk read the title of the bill, which is customary. Senator Reid asked that the reading of the bill be ended so time could be divvied out and the matter discussed on the floor, which is again very customary. Mitch McConnell then objected to the suspension of the reading of the bill, much to Reid's surprise and amazement. (Video at link)

All day the Democrats tried to get the reading of the bill waived and all day the Republicans objected. Later in the day Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) asked Harry Reid about the promise and why he had been given word the deal was off.

The Democrats treatment of Republican judicial nominees has been disgraceful.
Hugh Hewitt -- Judicial Nominations Day Of Reckoning Comes To The Senate

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