Thursday, June 5, 2008

He Has Ambition, But Is Frighteningly Inexperienced

Surprisingly, discussing the Obama piece of the puzzle, he volunteered that it was Obama's ambition combined with his lack of experience that troubled him most about the man's candidacy. He basically repeated every concern I had been kicking around in my head while riding downtown. And I hadn't mentioned my thinking to Roger first.

For what it's worth, that coincidence tells me there's something to this whole "ambition combined with a lack of experience" thing as regards Obama. Given that his positions, the little we actually know of them, are stock in trade Democratic Party, though perhaps a bit more leftist, a great many mostly moderate voters might just end up asking themselves, "Why on earth does this man want to be President?" come November.

If they do and the only real answer they can come up with is ambition, Barack Obama is most likely going to fall short of the oval prize he seems to have fixed so prematurely in his relatively young and inexperienced eyes.


Riehl World View -- Obama: Is Ambition Enough?

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