Friday, June 6, 2008

For an Educated Man Obama Sure Does Gets History Wrong Alot!

John Bolton rips into Obama's understanding of history in the LA Times prompting this from Drew at Ace of Spades:

Allow me to offer some unsolicited advice to the McCain campaign…I know you want to do the whole Maverick thing and Democrats really hate Bolton but the thing is, conservatives love him. Announce he will be a part of your administration and I guarantee a lot more conservatives will swallow hard and support you.

Consider it a threefer….you’ll get a lot of wavering conservatives to support you with some degree of enthusiasm, this appointment will enable you to pull a lot more Maverick shit in other areas while keeping conservative support and oh yeah, it’ll be good for the country.


Drew at Ace Of Spades HQ -- The Moustache Speaks…And It Doesn’t Think Much Of Obama

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