Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Victory For Oil Could Be Victory For Republicans

With oil prices shaping up as the dominant issue of this campaign season, evidence is growing that Republicans can win in November if they get behind a program of aggressive energy development. Our friend Michele Bachmann showed how it's done yesterday, with a proposal that she (and the House Republicans) estimate could cut gas prices in half at the pump:

Gas prices could be slashed in half if Congress would open up the country's Arctic slope, deep-sea reserves and oil shale fields for exploration and drilling, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said Monday. ***

The plan, contained in a half-dozen bills that Bachmann has cosponsored, also includes opening new oil refineries (three of them at closed military bases) and incentives to invest in alternative energy sources such as wind, nuclear energy and clean coal-to-liquid technology.

The paper contacted Bachmann's Democratic opponent for a comment; it's striking how lame and whiny his response was. In truth, though, it's about as good as the Democrats are going to do.

Poll data indicate that the American people are anxious to start drilling. This Rasmussen survey, which came out today, says that by an overwhelming 67% to 18% margin, respondents favor offshore drilling. Even a plurality of liberals are in favor. Other poll data yield the same conclusions.

The Democrats are boxed in between the rock of environmental extremism and the hard place of hate for companies that make money, so they will be endlessly wrong-footed on the issue.

Powerline -- The Path To Victory

Representative Donald Manzullo should get behind this and get this out to the local press. As the election approaches he has got to get far more specific then his 12 point plan released earlier this year. This bill would do that!

While Don's challenger Robert Abboud has a resume that gives him some credibility on this issue his proposal is nothing but the Democratic Party boilerplate that is really behind the eight ball! Tax oil producers, get off oil, but no action today.

Today there is no replacement for oil and the failure to tap our resources while replacements are developed is foolish.

Oh, and Manzullo really needs to do some work on his campaign web site. It is completely worthless. I found Abboud's energy policy with one click -- I have been looking at Manzullo's for 3 months now and not only hasn't it changed, his policy positions are not easy to find. They should be linked on the front page! The news section is worthless. This is the 21'st century and Abboud net presence is impressive while Manzullo's is simplistic and non-informative.


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