Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Are the Democrats still in primary mode?

Why Are the Democrats still in primary mode?

Obama and the Democrats are continuing to hit the, "evil oil companies," mantra and promising to tax the heck out of them. But you have to wonder why they can't see that, besides hurting every American they seem to be politically tone deaf.

With polls overwhelmingly favoring domestic control of our energy future domestically as well as showing that the majority of Americans do NOT blame the oil companies for the high gas prices you have to wonder why Obama and the Democrats are so far off the mark on this issue.

Are the Democrats so afraid of the eco-wacko's in their base that they can't do what is right for the country or do they honestly believe gas above $5 is what is right for America, including the slower economic growth and higher food prices that are sure to follow.

While I have continued to strongly encourage domestic drilling even I understand, as most Americans do, that it isn't a cure-all. We have to diversify our energy sources, but Americans also know that oil will be a major source of energy for years to come. The Democrats argument that drilling is not a solution for today is the same wrong headed policy that got us where we are today. It is the same non-answer they have given us for 30 years now and it has been a foolish policy.

Americans are saying, "Do Something!" Taxing Americans and American companies is not doing something.
(Again I got half way into this one and lost complete concentration, sorry if it rambles)

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