Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daily Trek -- July 20, 2008

What'd I miss?

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The hawks need to back off of Bush regarding the talks with Iran.  While this appears can make Obama look good it also diminishes the issue for him and can make him look foolish if the end result is what the hawks expect.  In addition there is really no way to know what information the President has used to make his decisions, they might just agree with him if they knew.

How a young lawyer that saved the second amendment.

Has Obama stepped into a trap of his own making in Iraq?   He opposed the surge before he was for it, but both sides have to play this one very carefully and Obama has that big media advantage.

Obama's plans mean that higher income residents of high tax areas could end up paying 60% of their income to the government.  Seriously, in what type of a system is that considered appropriate?

Sunni's return to Iraqi Government, foiling another one of the Democrats talking points!

What is the difference between a union run wooden riverboat that doesn't meet current safety codes and a non union wooden riverboat that doesn't meet current safety codes?  The Democratic congressman gave the waiver two years ago to the union boat and then refused to issue the very same historic boat a waiver when it became non union!

KFC opens in Fallujah!

Victory is breaking out all over!  However, as McCain warned, you can expect Iraqi attacks to increase as our election draws near.

"Under Barack Obama, that 58¢ for you, 42¢ for the federal government will become 48¢ for you, 52¢ for the federal government, the New York Sun reported.  Reaganomics will be replaced by the same tired old policies that brought us stagflation in the 1970s, when workers made less on overtime than for regular pay even with time-and-a-half." -- This is simply a foolish policy in a slow economy!

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