Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dancing Toddler's Mom Takes On Suicidal Music Industry

Stephanie Lenz is an angry Pennsylvania mother who refuses to back down from the music industry.

Lenz's attorneys were in federal district court on Friday morning, trying to thwart a motion to dismiss her lawsuit against Universal Music Group. A year ago, the music label ordered YouTube to pull down a 30-second video she shot of her infant son dancing to Prince's song "Let's Go Crazy."

Lenz, who resides in a rural Pennsylvania area, claims that her video is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Fair Use provision in copyright law. She fought the order, and eventually, Universal Music abandoned any claim that she violated Prince's copyright. YouTube has since reposted her clip.

Now Lenz is out to teach the music industry a lesson.
The music industry has managed to go from heroic representatives of changing culture and a recorder of the history of the times to the personification of evil in the modern online world.  They refused to do what their artists have done since recordings began, change to meet and challenge the world head on!

Confirmation that they lost the war came when people started saying, "you have to download that song."  That is one of those cultural pivot points.

Currently there is little they can do to save their old business model and moves like the overuse of take down orders hurts them each and every day!  Their only hope is to adapt, embrace their customers, and take a kinder more accepting tone on all matters!  Get ahead of everything and give some of it away.
CNET -- Mom continues to chase Prince over 'fair use'

Full disclosure: I have never downloaded illegal music, ever.

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