Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Past Is Today Is The Future? -- Obama And The Media's Long March

While researching my posts from years ago I stumbled across a very revealing and fascinating post from August of 2004, that linked to an American Spectator column, The Obama Myth.

Then there is Iraq. Like Dean, he opposed the war calling it a "dumb war" and even opposed the $87 billion reconstruction appropriation. Not until Obama was pegged to give the keynote address did we hear anything about staying the course. Like a good party man, Obama has flopped over to the Kerry camp. Yet, as with Sen. John Kerry, there's no reason to believe that his core principles have altered.

In the area of crime, Obama appears downright pro-criminal. He cast the lone vote against legislation in 2001 that would have eliminated time off for "good behavior" for sexual predators. Obama's backers have tried to explain the vote away by tying it to the principle of uniform sentencing guidelines, but 55 to 1 makes that a tough sell. He has consistently voted against tougher sentences for, among other things, cop killers, and drug dealers.

Because of the media's complete unwillingness to explore Obama's record in the same manner they explored the civil court records of his opponents, the Hyde Park Liberal has gotten a free ride. Democrats tout him as a future President and even Republicans find themselves charmed and envious of the young star. But his wings of wax will not last. In the realm of national politics where merit matters and the press actually vets candidates, we can be confident that a Senator Barack Obama will become the next Paul Wellstone -- a nice, bright guy relegated to the back benches of the liberal fringe. If we're lucky, Illinois voters will wise to this potential fate before they go to the polls in November.

You have to read the whole thing, it could have been written today.  Too bad the media never has looked into Obama's record!


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