Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heh Indeed!

DEMOCRATIC ATTACKS ON MCCAIN'S MILITARY RECORD: "When Obama loses in November, these schmucks can look back at such tactics and pinpoint where it all started going downhill. These same people whine like little b---hes at the slightest criticism of Barack Obama. But they go right into the gutter when attacking John McCain."
UPDATE: With Wesley Clark, "we're a long way from George Marshall."
The Saddest Thing About Barack Obama's Available Military Expertise...
...is that though he has Wes Clark in his corner, the only person he knows with the experience of getting a bomb on target is Bill Ayers.
Again, heh.
In 2004 the Democrats claimed Kerry's military experience mattered, in 1996 they claimed Dole's military experience didn't matter.  I sure wish they'd make up their minds.

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