Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This, uh, Is, uh, The, uh, Most, uh, Articulate Man, uh, In Democratic, uh, Politics Today!

(click for larger image)
Update -- as if to prove this point here is a video of today's Obama press conference via Hot Air. Just listen to this guy when he isn't reading, and he is a great reader isn't he!DKKUpdate -- In case you wondered why Obama agonizes over every word, as Prickly City points out, lets go to the video where he doesn't -- thanks to Rodger at Curmudegonly & Skeptical:DKK


Anonymous said...

Mumblemouth fool. It doesn't take much to impress liberals, I guess.

LifeTrek said...

Oh, he's no fool! Don't fall for his act.

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