Thursday, August 7, 2008

House Republican Protests Continue With A Boost From Gingrich -- Dem's Policy Of Filling Tires Sends $700 Billion Of American Money To Dictators Every Year!

Did Nancy Pelosi think it was more important to go on a book tour then vote on energy?  Bad investment, her book hasn't even charted! (Drudge reports only 2737 sold first week)

Gingrich makes some good points in this video -- one recommendation he makes is for Dem's to ignore Pelosi's advice to stand up for drilling in the hope that she can block it just so they can get elected as there will more likely be a vote and they will be stuck on the record!

I haven't been able to find a list of the 15 or 20 Republicans still holding out on the floor but if I do I will post it.  I hope Manzullo is one of them, energy is so vital to the Rockford area -- it is the lifeblood for the farming and what manufacturing we have managed to keep in the area!

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